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Injection Mold Manufacturing

Customized Mold Manufacturing Solutions


Transparency and Agility

Get accurate and fast quotes for your mold projects, ensuring transparency at each stage of the process.

Manufacturing of Non-Standardized Accessories

Exclusive Accessories

We manufacture custom-made non-standard accessories, providing exclusive solutions that meet the specific demands of your production.

Mold Repair

Fast and Accurate Recovery

Fast, accurate solutions to repair mold damage, minimizing downtime and keeping production on track.

Production Mold Updates

Custom Adaptation for Each Mold

We make changes to molds to meet your specifications, ensuring flexibility and customization in the production process.

Mold Maintenance

Extend the Life of Molds

Specialized maintenance services to ensure the durability and continuous performance of your molds.

Quality and Certifications

Rigor and Quality in Each Mold

Molde Absoluto, is certified, meeting the highest industry standards for Injection Mold Manufacturing. Strict quality control processes ensure the reliability of our molds. We are committed to providing quality molds that meet and exceed our customers expectations. Our certifications reflect our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality, ensuring that each mold meets the highest industry standards. We believe that quality is the foundation of lasting relationships and long-term success.

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Molde Absoluto

Who We Are

Founded in 2007 Molde Absoluto, specialised in Injection Mold Manufacturing, offers customers a set of services that consist of concession and manufacturing, maintenance, repair and alteration of thermoplastic injection molds and die-casting. With all the experience and know-how combined with compliance with planning and delivery deadlines, our services meet the highest quality standards as witnessed by our customers.

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