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Molde Absoluto

About Us

Founded in 2007, Molde Absoluto offers its clients a set of services, such as conception and manufacturing, maintenance, repair and alteration of thermoplastic injection molds and die-casting. Combined with the fulfilment of planning and delivery times, our experience and know-how meet the highest quality standards as testified by all our clients.

Our presence in the world.

Our products are present in countries such as Spain, Morocco, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Colombia and Switzerland.

Molde Absoluto

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Thanks to its photovoltaic generator together with 276 photovoltaic modules for self-consumption, plus the discharge of the surplus electric power into the national power grid, Molde Absoluto is a unit that promotes sustainability. This installation is equivalent to a power of 74.52 Kwp, thus saving 586Kg of CO2 emissions per year.

Also, 16 units of SOLATUBE 330DSO C / 0.60 MTS were installed. This natural lighting system captures, transfers and diffuses sunlight into our interior space with ecological results. Designed to efficiently conduct the sunlight into our installations by reflection, through aluminum tubes, the maximum purity of natural light is provided without losing efficiency up to a 15 meters distance.

The entire installation was provided by the company Energia em conserva. Know More!

Quality Policy
(Art and Organization Science)

With the Quality Management System, we aim to achieve our Vision, respect our Mission, transmit our Values, as well as our

Positioning. Guided by our Commitments (policies) we also aim to achieve our Objectives and Goals.


To be a globally recognized company, and a reference in the entire sector for its professionalism, flexibility and competence to respond to all our clients. We offer products with a high level of quality, that exceed all needs and customer expectations.


Manufacturing and repair of thermoplastic injection molds and die-casting for the industry, with passion and rigor, thus ensuring a high level of quality, offering total satisfaction and achieving the recognition of all concerned.


The Ladder of Commitment

To comply with the customer’s requirements, to comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the company, as well as the legal requirements of products according to the principles of quality management.

To comply with the obligations and expectations of our partners in their countries, searching for new opportunities to build solutions of excellence.

Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System following the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001. Our concern with all the aspects that may be improved, whether human, physical or related to material resources, as well as processes and procedures, is permanent.

All the members of Molde Absoluto team are a unit. Hence, we always ensure an updated transfer of knowledge, the permanent training of our employees, and provide the necessary stimuli for their motivation and creativity.

We full cooperate with suppliers and all our partners, aiming at diversifying and managing with efficiency the services we provide. We strive for joint growth and better overall performance.

To seek technological innovation in processes, products and services.

Our company will always grow according to the laws of sustainability. Good environmental management and energy efficiency practices will be always implemented.

Quality Policy HERE!


SGS Certicate NP EN ISO 9001:2015

Trademark Registration


It was with great honor (and thanks to Banco Santander) that we received the status of SME Leader.

This award is a seal of a reputation for companies created by IAPMEI, to distinguish the merit of national SMEs, which achieve the best performance with autonomous and robust finances.